Monday, April 7, 2014


Over the past couple weeks things have been kind of slow, but one major thing happened and I wasn't all too thrilled about it, the track is not available for my event. I found this out a couple days ago and I think it is because the track is going to be under construction at that time but I'm not entirely sure because they didn't offer very much explanation as to why it is not available. I do have a plan B though, I am going to see if I will be able to start the event on Richard's field which could be kinda nice, but I'm going to have to turn the route around a bit. I've also been thinking about my talk this week, and I have my idea, but I've decided that thought the Talk is important, my race is right around the corner and I need to be more focused on that. 

Monday, March 24, 2014


Hey bloggers! So since I've last blogged, Coach Z has approved me using the timing equipment and he is going to help me out with my event even though it is unfortunately on the same day as  track state finals, so he will be doing a lot of behind the scenes before hand help. I've also been looking into different ways to do the forms and im starting to think I know what to do with all that! I'm really excited about this event even though I've decided to stray from the north south competition aspect. I need to contact the GP news and patch and start looking at all my advertising possibilities, and those are some of my goals for the coming week! I was at Stuco states this weekend so most of my work was done last weekend.

Sunday, March 9, 2014

blog blog blog ( i think this is 19)

finally an exciting blog day!!
So much has happened in the last couple weeks, and I am very excited! First of all, I met with Dr. Outlaw and he is down with the North v. South Competition, but I still need to meet with the principal of North, I emailed her but no response yet. I also confirmed the support hallway cards with Dr. Outlaw and I am very excited about that as well. I also emailed Coach Zaranek, asking him to help  me with the timing equipment, and if we can start the event on the track, which I'm hoping will be A-ok!I'm getting more and more excited (and nervous) as the event date approaches, but I am really hoping that everything works out and we raise a lot of money for a good cause!  Another awesome thing that I did this week was design the T-shirts, and let me tell you they are very very cool! I have started the permission slips, but have not yet finished them. I talked to Mrs. Fimbinger about advertising in the tower, and I am going to contact the Grosse Pointe News about advertising as soon as I finish blogging!
Stay Classy GP,

Monday, February 24, 2014


Ok so,this post isn't really going to be about this week, because I spent my entire break in Europe!(which was so fun) I was in London for 3 days, and Paris for four, and I was planning on accomplishing twenty time stuff on Sunday, but our flight was delayed and I ended up having to spend a night in New York, so I didn't return home until Sunday at 12:30, and I had some serious jet lag. Anyway, I'll just tell you about what I did the week prior to break, because I accomplished a lot and we didn't have to blog about it. I finally had a meeting with the director of kids without cancer, and it went so well! We decided that we think it would be cool to make the event a participation competition between North and South, so my goals for next week are to figure out how that is going to work, and talk to the principal of North, and dr. Outlaw about it. We also decided that the event will be around 11:00 on May 31st. Another great thing, is that she already has a ton of tshirts made with their logo on the front, so I can put whatever I want on the back, and those will be made for the event. Another thing we decided is that we are going to be doing those "support cards" that kids pay a dollar for to put like a name of someone they lost with cancer or like "I'm so and so and I support this cause" and then they will be hung up somewhere in the school, to raise awareness of the event and cause. I'm also really pumped about this charity, because there aren't to math events that focus on cures and research for kids cancer, and this is completely non profit, while charities that support breast cancer(not all, and not to say that they're bad) only donate around 30 of every 100 dollars, because they've already raised so much money for research, they don't need that much more.  More to come next week!

Monday, February 10, 2014


This week was full of ups and downs. First of all, the meeting I had scheduled was canceled multiple times due to choir rehearsals popping up at inconveniet times. But, on the plus side, I was able to reschedule for this week Wednesday, and I am really looking forward to figuring some more stuff out! Because of the relay for life conflict mentioned in previous posts, I am unable to have my race on the seventeenth, and am still trying to reschedule because May is such a busy month with AP tests, ACTs and Finals, mixed with choir concerts and track meets. It's looking like I'm probably going to have to schedule the event for June, but I really don't want to do that because I would rather have it before TedX. I am going to talk about all of this with Mrs. V and just see how much time she needs and everything like that, and maybe we can push it to April. These setbacks haven't been good for my confidence in this event, but hopefully this meeting will turn things around. 

Monday, February 3, 2014


Hey bloggers! 
I actually accomplished some things this week despite my super busy weekend at choir competition in Findlay Ohio. Firs of all, I scheduled a meeting with the executive director of the charity I'm supporting for this Wednesday! Tonight I'm going to formulate a list of questions and things that we need to accomplish during that meeting. Unfortunately, I also did some more digging into the date of my race and found out that the date I had previously scheduled my event is the date of race for the cure, so I'm going to have to reschedule. I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to make it any earlier, so I may have to do this event after the tedx conference, which would not be ideal. I was thinking about making it may 24th, but I can't do that because my friend Hannah is having her event on the same day. I also can't make it the tenth of May because that is the date of Color me rad, a color run that I am participating in. I'm going to try and move the run to April, so I'm going to have to start getting things done, and fast.

Monday, January 27, 2014


I really hate to say this, but this week was another slow week, mostly due to midterms, but I also had some other bumps in the road this week. This week I was unable to accomplish all of the legal stuff because my dad is getting back surgery and he couldn't really do much all week. And I'm gonna be honest, I was studying all week for hours upon hours and I just really couldn't get my mind focuses on twenty time, and this weekend I just didn't want to do anything, I was so brain dead from midterm week that I just could not sit down and accomplish much of anything this week.
 On a happier note, I did accomplish one thing, I set my date! Obviously it's subject to change if it doesn't work with my charity( I'm setting up a meeting with them for hopefully next weekend) but I'm thinking about May seventeenth 2014. I'm hoping that it'll be a nice sunshiney Saturday, not too hot, not too cold, and this date will give me enough time to finish everything up and be really prepared for this event. I know I keep saying this, but since school has finally died down for this week, hopefully I will be able to get stuff done.